Rentcorp's New Forklifts


Hyundai forklifts offer the most advance internal combustion engines in the forklift market. The first and only forklifts with engines that meet the strict EPA/CARB TIER-3 certification for engine emmissions. These engines give you power and peace of mind. They are so smooth that an anti restart system has been incorporated to prevent drivers trying to restart a motor that is already running. Hyundai forklifts benefit from the years of Hyundai Heavy Industries leading the earthmoving and construction equipment industry by building equipment that can handle tough conditions. Wet disc brakes reduce pedal effort and extend service intervals. Optimally placed hydraulic levers require low effort to operate. Details such as pedal placement have been optimised to reduce operator fatigue. The operator sits comfortably on a full suspension seat, and is further isolated from vibration by a rubber mounted cabin. An adjustable steering wheel is standard to ensure operator comfort. The exhaust system features a flexible coupling to accommodate expansion and vibration, reducing noise and vibration and increasing comfort and component life.